Firework Display Hire

Fireworks bring back that wonder & excitement that is nurtured during youth. With the black sky as a backcloth, the multi-coloured rockets soar & burst. The oohs! & aahs! from the audience & the sheer entertainment of it all.

Fireworks rejuvenate that marvel & enthusiasm that has been nourished throughout childhood days . With the dark skies as a backcloth , the multi-coloured rockets surge & explode . The oohs ! & aahs ! from the crowd & the basic lavishness of the whole thing . For many thousands of years fireworks provide marked big occasions & now you can memorialize those valuable landmarks by showing your invited guests a firework presentation they may reminisce about for years to come .

If your projected show is a celebration , unique milestone or corporate occasion we can advise on customising your firework show with set pieces , logos or specific colour permutations .

A number of people just leave it to us , stand back & enjoy . The personal preference is yours .

Our Guarantee

  • Professional displays - intense, spectacular and guaranteed to thrill
  • Meticulous attention to detail, content and safety
  • Highly trained, friendly and courteous staff
  • £5 million public liability insurance
  • Any occasion large or small - wide choice of displays for every budget
  • We will put more of your budget into the sky
  • Second to none clean up service - we leave the site as we find it


If you are looking for a spectacular firework display please contact our sales team for a no nonsense quotation or for friendly help and advice, contact us.