• Hog Roasts...

    Pass Round the apple source for this event favourite. Hog roasts are a great cost effective way of supplying hot food for everyone at your event.

  • Catering Vans

    Catering vans offer a variety of mouth watering food including Burgers, Hot dogs, 1/4 pounders, Chips and selection of cold drinks

  • German Sausage Stalls

    Why not try something different at your next event with our traditional German sausage stall. Brake out the sauerkraut and tantalise your taste buds with a selection of different flavoured German sausages.

  • Candy Floss Machine

     Creating a great sense of theatre in any setting and filling the air with the most tantalising aroma, candy floss machines are a fantastic addition to any party.

  • Popcorn Carts

    The sweet smell from a Popcorn Cart Machine is truly  irresistible and fills the room to draw people over to your exhibition stand or have them reminiscing about cinemas and theatres.  

    Popcorn makes a perfect guilt free snack as it contains virtually no fat at all.

  • Sweet Treats

    A mixture of all the above, a large catering style van stocked with all your favourite confectionary including candy floss, creamy nougat, marshmallows and more.