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Welcome to our other products page. A great place to find something individual and different to really bring a new spin to your party.

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  • Laser Sport Shooting

    One of our newest and most exciting products. up to five players use deactivated double-barrelled shot guns to play against each other in a game of skill shooting. the game is made as close to real shooting as possible while avoiding the dangers of using live ammunition. our laser shooting is fully mobile. it can go anywhere as long as you have got the room required. special re-useable clays are launched from an automated clay launcher. when a shot gun is fired the score module generates the sound of a shotgun. if it is a hit you will hear the sound of a breaking clay. these scores are then saved and shown on a score board in front of the players. best shooter wins! Minimum area required is 35m by 10m (about the size of a tennis court.)

  • Festive Turkey Shoot

    A brand new and exclusive game for this winter, this game takes all the exitement of the laser clay shooting compacts it and brings adds turkey targets into the mix. the idea of the game is to shoot as many turkeys as you can as fast as you can.

  • Gold Cup Racing

    Our new gold cup racing game brings the races to any party and has become one of our most popular sellers. the game works by the riders thrusting their hobby horses up and down to race the other horses across the track. the faster you thrust the faster they move.


  • Console Hire

    We have a large array of consoles avalible to hire and a large catalogue of games ranging from racing to rocking out on guitars and drums for more information on our consols range or any other queries feel free to contact us.

  • Giant Scalextric

    Imagine having a giant 6 lane scalextric with a computer race management system at your event. sounds pretty cool?... now imagine having the mystery racing car driver to come and compere it for you. now that is cool

  • Event Theming

    We offer a large choice of themeing for any event these include both life size statues and props as well as large and small back drops to cater to any event, including large oscars, western swinging doors, life size elvis presley statues and many more. for more infomation view our themed events hire page.

  • Team Building Activities

  • Crystal Collection

    A firm favourite from the 90’s! We have taken this popular gameshow and turned it into a fun filled team building event. in this game your guests are split in to teams and will rotate round the different challenges receiving a score on each task. If the teams complete the task in the specific time then they will receive a crystal. When the event starts each team will go to a different zone where they have to participate on different challenges. Once they have completed their challenge then they will receive a riddle which will guide them to their next destination which will in turn bring about another challenge. At the end of the day the teams will be brought together to see who has the most crystals. There will then be a play off between the two teams with the most crystals with advantages given in order of crystals collected The finale would be a play off between the two teams with the most crystals. The teams would take it in turns to enter the Crystal Dome. Once in the dome the clients must wait on the edges while the air stream picks up. When the host blows the starting whistle the clients must try and collect as many money tickets as possible in the allocated time. The amount of time each team has in the dome is relative to the amount of the crystals they have collected during the day. This is the best part, all you need to provide is the participants. If you want to provide your own venue an ideal size is a flat field approximately ¾ of a football field. Crystal Collections can also be held indoors

  • Kripton Factor

    On arrival teams will have an introductory briefing from their host who will explain how the event will run. Each team will be given their own Krypton Factor uniform with the team coloured t-shirts (only included in the gold package). The teams must first introduce themselves to each other and then in true cringe worthy Krypton Factor style must introduce themselves to the rest of the teams via the medium of TV.Every activity from then on will be scored out of 10, with 10 being the highest score and 1 being the lowest. The teams will have a clipboard which they must carry round with them to each activity. All the points gained throughout the day will be totalled up to see which team has the highest amount. The difference in points between the teams will equate to a time penalty for the various teams. The assault course is a mixture of an inflatable assault course, a cargo net and tyre challenge. There will be 2 teams competing against each other at once with the whole team having to complete the assault course as quick as they can. Each team will be timed with the time penalty added on to their final time.The winning team will be the team that has the quickest overall time including time penalties. The 1st and 2nd place teams will receive medals with the winning team also receiving a trophy.

  • Mission Possible

    Upon arrival the group would be split into teams. As they are receiving their initial briefing there will be an explosion outside and a group of mercenaries will storm the room armed with guns and take a member of each team hostage. The mercenaries will take their hostages outside for a few moments and then the hostages will return to their teams but with timers and explosive devices chained to them. The hostages will each have a briefcase with them and when they open the briefcase with their team it will detail their mission, should they choose to accept it.The briefcase will include a GPS navigation system, GPS coordinates for each activity, a list of items to collect, some binoculars and information on the terrorists that you will have to deal with. The teams will then make their way round the different activities to try and complete the set challenges made by the terrorists. If the team successfully completes their “mission” at each activity, they will be rewarded with their next GPS coordinates and a clue to defusing the bomb which is chained to their team member. As the teams move around the activities they will also have some questions to answer which are related to the terrorists on site and must gain as much knowledge as they can through the day.At the end of the day the teams will have to come together to use all the clues they have gained through the day to try and defuse the bombs which are attached to their team members. The first team to defuse the bomb on their team member

  • Motorised Activities

    fancy yourself as a bit of a petrol head? we offer a large range of motorised activities which should fit the bill perfectly whether it is quads you are after or something a bit wilder like rage cages or power turns. these games are great for hen and stag dos, birthdays and team building events.

  • Giant Games Hire

    these work excellently at small parties and are a cost effective add on to larger packages. we supply a large range of garden games including giant connect 4 and giant jenga as above and also giant chess, giant snakes and ladders, boules ect. we also supply a range of american table top hardwood games with over 15 variations for great looking low cost fun.

  • Christmas Parties

    We have a large range of products designed for the perfect cristmas party. our theming will turn any dull venue into a winter wonderland with snow machines, giant penguins and polar bears and a full sized santa's grotto. on the entertainment side of things we can supply rodeo rudolf's, snow board simulators, alpine racer ski simulators and winter themed scalextric.