Rodeo Bull

Our western theme events can really bring a new and exciting twist to your party. Whether you just want a Bucking Bronco for your birthday party or want to go whole hog with saloon doors, whiskey barrels, jail cells and Wild West Backdrops.

Organising your event could not be simpler just call or email a member of our helpful enquiries team, who will do all the legwork for you and put together a competitive bespoke event quotation.

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Bucking Bronko hire

Certainly one of our best sellers Rodeo Bulls go down a storm at any event. All our Bulls are operated by trained operators to present the optimal balance of lots of fun and safety. Rodeo Bulls are perfect for the young and old. The acceleration and speed is controlled by the operator to ensure the ride is safe and entertaining for every rider.

Western Pole Joust

An interesting perspective on a watering hole pub brawl in which you exercise the soft bashers to strike your competitor off the pole .
This activity invariably goes down a storm at the office party and fits in perfectly to any wild west party .


  Milking Cows

Milking cow racing is an audience pleasing game where 2-4 players race against opponents to see who can get the most liquid in their bucket in the time given by squeezing the cows udders as fast as they can.





  • Saloon Bar ShootOut

    Animation-enhanced Quick Draw game where gamers stand in the Chaps in front of the Saloon Bar . As the Entrance doors spring open , the 3D cowboy raises his arm to shoot , the 'Draw' sign lights up , and each individual player must draw their Colt 45 from their holster and shoot at the cowboy immediately . The reaction times are put up on LED displays and the traditional funeral service march song is played for the loser ! The Quick Draw also has gunshot sound effects and when left unused for just a few minutes plays Wild West style Honky Tonk melodies to captivate the attention of more Quick Draw contestants


  • Horseshoe Tossing

    Horse Shoe Tossing is an old Wild West favourite . Your main purpose is to have the perfect steadiness of swiftness and precision to land your horse shoes on a peg sticking out of the ground . Our horse shoe activity comes with a large back drop board and precaustionary farm style fencing .

  • Western Event Theming

    We have an assortment of western theeming which really brings the wild west to your gathering . Including life size cowboy and Indian manequins , swinging saloon entrance doors , stocks , cages , tnt box's , flags , backbrops and more . Event theeming can be customized to your event proportions and spending budget and looks perfect alongside our western games

    Wild West Sidestalls

    Test your skills and try your luck, we have a full range of side stall including Cork gun shooting, Tin can alleys, Hook a duck, Hoopla and many more all will arrive at your event fully stocked with prizes and ran by our friendy events team. We will cover your side stalls in western theming and our events team will be dressed the part with cowboy hats and western shirts.

    American Hardwood games

    Beautifully made these games are a perfect add on to any event. Why not give your guests the opportunity for a little friendly competition while they wander round your event or que up at the bar. These small attractions don’t only look great but they add a true gaming atmosphere to your event.