Inflatables Hire


Not a single thing makes an event pop like an inflatable!

With a selection as colossal as ours there is something available for virtually every preference , regardless of whether you are planning to battle it out on one of our Gladiators , Pole Jousts or analyze your stamina on our Bungee Runs . If you very expensive something a little less high octane we have a range of both grownup and children's Castles and Slides , Giant Twister and a 75ft long Pirate Adventure Assault Course .


Pole Joust

Pole Joust is a game where two players smash and bash each other off a large pole and onto the inflatable below, this game works particularly well with younger crowds but is suitable for all ages.


Gladiator Duel

As seen on the hit show Gladiators, the objective is to stand on your respective podium and use your Gladiator size pugil stick to knock your opponent off. It is a great game to get the adrenaline going at your event. 


Bungee Run

A true test of strength, the Bungee Run is a 35 foot long inflatable that really makes an impression. In this game the objective is to run as far as possible and stick your pad down while being pulled back by seriously strong bungee ropes.


Children's Bouncy Castles

Always a favourite for kids birthday parties and a great add on to event packages. The standard size for children's castles is around 12ft x 12ft, these inflatables are not suitable for adults but are perfect for nearly any age of child.


Children's Inflatable Slides

These are a great choice instead of a standard bouncy castle and are suitable for most ages, as long as you are big enough to climb the rope ladder. These slides provide great fun at a lower than expected price


Children's Ball Pool

Ball Pools are a great way to keep the kids entertained, each Ball Pool comes packed to the rafters with multi coloured plastic balls, A Ball Pool is a safe and compact way to have lots of fun and are always a success..


Adult Bouncy Castles

Ideal for big kids our giant Bouncy Castles is suitable for anyone from 17 to 70 and are supervised by our trained safety conscious staff. This is a roofed inflatable which means it is perfect for going outside in our unpredictable British weather.


Giant Twister Game

A fun twist on the old game, this bigger and bouncier version comes with a Giant Twister board and is suitable for 2 to 6 people


Sumo Suits

Ready, Steady, SUMO! Nothing says "corporate fun day" like sumo wrestling with the boss. Sumo wrestling comes with two suits, neck braces and helmets and a trained, safety referee.


Human Table Football

The Human Table Football is great fun for all ages. Ideal for those corporate fun days or team building events. This 40ft x 20ft inflatable football game is played 5 a side and comes with a referee to give out free kicks, penalties etc.


Blow Football

A new twist on an old game, swapping straws for high-power air hoses, up to 6 players can play at one time and with two tables available there are perfect for competitions and teambuilding events.

Sand and Sea Inflatable

This is a very large inflatable playground with seaside theme, jam packed full of inflatable fun with sand castles, giant beach balls and a huge inflatable octopus. This inflatable comes with a trained operator and netted sides so you can see exactly what your little ones are doing.

Pirate Adventure Assault Course

Available as 36ft or 75ft long, the Pirate Adventure includes Bish Bash Pirates, slides and a shark inflatable. It is a real crowd puller as it truly stands out at any event.