Funfair Rides and Attractions


We have developed key business to business networking arrangements to supply all major rides. We will deliver the best equipment from reputable and trusted sources at a competitive price.

Fairground Ride contracting has become a key aspect of our business model in the past 5 years, we act as a trustworthy middleman between you and an attraction supplier. We have developed relationships with attraction suppliers in every area of the UK ensuring that you get beautiful attractions and a great price safe in the knowledge that the Ride provider will be working to the highest standard and a veteran of 100's of corporate events

These attractions can include but are not limited to...

  • Dangling Feet Miami

    The Miami is a modern and very popular funfair ride that is suitable for a wide range of events. Rider sit on a bench that moves from side to side, up and over and round around. a small footprint means that it can be erected in locations that most funfair rides are too large for.



  • Pepperpot Helter Skelter - Adult Swingboat

    Helter skelters comprises a tower wher the rider climbs an internal staircase to reach the top where they are able to enjoy the views, before sitting on a mat and descending along a slide that runs around the outside of the tower.

    Swingboats are steeped in Victorian Tradition. One of the more sedate and calmer fair rides where riders swish and sway through the air.

  • Big Wheel

    Traditional fairground Big Wheel sometimes referred to as a 'Ferris Wheel'. Offers your guests fantastic views of your event and are suitable for nearly all ages.

  • Dodgems

    Dodgems are one of the best loved rides on the fairground and create a stunning centrepiece for any event, from a private party to a corporate funday.

  • Sizzler Twist

    A new and exiting thrill ride offering high speed twists and turns, this ride creates a great atmosphere with its neon lights, smoke machines and dance music.

  • Waltzer

    The Waltzer is a traditional fairground ride with origins going back to the 1930's and its still going as strong then as now. 9 or 10 cars revolve on the platform as the ride rotates, picking up speed and spinning faster as it goes.

  • Superjumpers

    Superjumpers consist of four trampolines, each with a double bungee and harness. The participants are securely strapped in and the fun starts, in complete safety. 

  • Carousel

    Traditional Carousel is a unmistakeable classic funfair attraction which features carved horses mounted on twisted brass poles that rise and fall as the roundabout rotates. The carousel is a funfair ride in great demand, so make sure you book early for your corporate event or function.

  • Showtime Funhouse

    A true fairground funhouse with walkways, spinning disks, tunnels, bish bash poles and much more to keep your little ones entertained for hours on end.

  • Children's Cup and Saucer

    An absolute funfair classic, Cup and Saucer hire works really well at village fetes and carnivals but are also a great addition to larger events. ideal for young children the tea cups stay busy all day on every event and are great value for money.

  • Children's Toy Sets

    A traditional children's roundabout with a variety of different toys including cars, horses and buses. This ride is larger than a tea cup's set this allows more children per ride which comes in very handy if you are expecting a high volume of kids at your event.

  • Traditional Straight Sidestalls

    We have a range of new and traditional sidestalls for hire to suit all different kinds of event. These include.. Hook a duck, Tin Can Alley, Ball in the Bucket, Hoopla, Frogit, Cork Gun shooting, Darts and Coconut Shy.
    All our sidestalls can be fully customised with prizes and dress code to match the theme of your event. 

  • Traditional Round Sidestalls

    A great addition to any sidestall event, our round stall blends in perfectly with our other sidestalls or looks great as a stand-alone product. Round stalls give that traditional fairground look and work really well as a key feature to your event due to 17ft height and show stopping appearance.
    All our sidestalls can be fully customised with prizes and dress code to match the theme of your event.